A china company that produces automobile in 2003 was really a compact and family friendly automobile. Are you planning to by a car? But little stylish and comes according to your pocket! Than CHERRY QQ is your pick it is though small but cute and stylish. Its actions, style and dexterous feature dazzle your life. A super mini car that crawl through the narrow ways, smartly and efficiently. Its low cost make you go crazy over it as it was the cheapest car in 2008 among the vehicles throughout world. When it came in existence it gain enormous popularity in china production of automobile. Its fame is bunting, it remains junky.

Chery QQ 0.8L Price in PakistanRs. 780,000 /-

CHERRY QQ 2014 Review



A wide variety of colors is here to prosper your need. It has an enormous 10 colors for the people of sophisticated choice to the people who want to dazzle. Colors available are flan red, apricot’s yellow, luxury green, jazziness of blue, bloody white, orangish yellow, lemon yellow, apple green, gulf blue and champagnes grey. So all those who are craving for the car to flaunt in their garage with the colors never seen before, here you go for cherry qq because it is your lack.


They both look similar but only superficially the interiors of both are entirely different. The security of qq though not efficient but still acceptable for consumer.  Daewoo Matiz is efficient in terms of safety in security because it passed the front crash test performed by euro NCAP.


As it is cheap so it is a demand of consumer. It is available in Pakistan, Iran, and srilanka, Philippine, Vietnam, Thailand and South Africa. In Iran it was produced in 2006 for domestic use and the car available is MVM110. Having two options one is of 3-cylinder engine and one is 4-cylinder engine.Malaysia in 2006 with 0.8 L (812 cc) engine producing 52hp and max torque of 75.5 Nm.



Though not spacious but yet more pleasing the car itself speak for it. The compressed structure of it keeps you entact. Its seats are comfortable moderately. The steering is for the driver who drives sophisticatedly. It has power window authority. The soothing breeze of it gives you a velvety touch. For the sake of your security it has central locking system. If you are passionate to show your driving skills than the steering of it is in front of you just scroll it and you will be at your destination.

Exteriors of the car:

The most important desire is to look good, than why not your car flaunts its glamour. It has not only small and perky looks but have many colors covering it beautifully like wine red, apricot yellow, solid white, apple green, orange red, champagne grey. It has rear wash wipers, lustrous alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, remote fluid lid. It has tubeless radial tyres. Size of the wheel is 13 inch.


It looks small but has the ability to absorb up to 6 persons in it. Numbers of doors are four. Fuel tank has 35l. It is fuel efficient as compact it is, utilize small amount of petrol. Brakes are powerful but not jerky. Its gear system is 5 forward. Fuel system is multipoint electronic fuel injection.

Seating Capacity


The engine of cherry qq is 0.8 l comfortable. Its displacement is 800 cc. Engine Power (PS@rpm) 51.31[55.06] @ 6,000 Torque (Nm@rpm) 77 [7.78] @ 3500-4000. Its number of cylinder is three in number. When it comes to economy it is all about petrol consumption less it consume. It is highly active and crawls through the tough conditions. Engine is not of higher quality. Cylinder works efficiently. Transmission type is manual and not automatic.


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    Price is so high than tata nano

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