Daihatsu Cuore

Daihatsu Cuore fully based on Japanese technology. Its new engine and affordable price is very good deal for buyers who want an extra ordinary power engines. It has new cutting ability to the edges and its new design is very attractive for people and that’s why it is the best model for 2014.

Daihatsu Cuore Price in PakistanRs.8,440,00/-

CUORE CX CNG Price in PakistanRs.894,000/-

CUORE CX A/T Price in PakistanRs.865,000/-

CUORE ECOMATIC Price in PakistanRs935,000/-

Daihatsu Cuore 2014 Review

Lustrous Exterior

Daihatsu cuore has its own worth in Pakistan. Its lustrous exterior is the main cause of its attraction. It has two well designed headlamps as well as back lights. Cuore looks good from right side and left side. It has a glossy look in his body its metallic color has also an eye catching power by which people attracts towards it. There are several colors in the new Daihatsu cuore that will add more grace to your personality.


Excellent Interior

Daihatsu cuore also groomed its interiors. It has an excellent air conditioning technology which will save you from the toasting weather of Pakistan. New fabric seats which gives a pleasant and comfortable ride. You can add CNG kit in the back space given to you. Most important it has an extra ordinary controls on its steering to keep your cars in driver’s controls. Cuore 2014 has a great suspension power which saves you from the current conditions of road and gives a smooth ride through tough roads.


Daihatsu_Cuore Interior

Powerful Engine

In the previous model of cuore, we find it less power engine because of its horsepower. But in the new model of Daihatsu cuore, it has 3 cylinder 847cc engines into it with an impressive and an extra ordinary performance. Because it is has not that powerful engine as other car brand offers you but the idea to put a powerful engine into it has gained great response from the people.


Daihatsu cuore Interior


Automatic Transmission
As the new automatic version of this family car is not that much hit because it has no change as compared to the manual transmission of cuore with only three shift levels but except all of this it has a great speed around 5500 revolution in a minute which is good speed for a great family car.

Less Fuel Consumption

As fuel prices is very high in Pakistan and most of the people do not buy cars because of the high prices of fuel that’s why Daihatsu cuore is giving you a low fuel consumption cars which will help you in decreasing your refueling bills.

Salient Protection And Joyful Drive

Daihatsu Cuore has 4-5 seating capacity by which a family can go anywhere without dropping anyone of their family member at home cause of lack of space. It has a music system in it by default to make your ride full of joy. You can add CD player into it to to add more entertainment in your drive.


User Friendly

Daihatsu also give you a version of cuore which is totally user friendly as engine is same as other version of cuore. This version is also called Ecomatic Version.

Extra Enhancement

Daihatsu Cuore 2014, the updated version has a lot of changes in its steering is in full control for drivers, its new suspension system give you smooth ride on any type of roads. Most important its speed and the speed levels has been updated now manual transmission has five speed level and the best thing in it is its affordable price for family car buyers


• Transmission Manual.
• Air Conditioner.
• 5 people Seating Capacity.
• Fuel Tank Capacity 50 L.
• Displacement 847 cc.
• Valve Mechanism ED-10, OHC.
• 4 No of Cylinders.
• Fuel Type Petrol.
• Steering Type 2 Spoke.
• Front Brakes Disc.
• Rear Brakes Rear Brakes.
• Front Suspension McPherson strut.
• Rear Suspension Semi trailing type with coil spring,Independent suspension.
• Wheel Type Steel & Wheel Size R 12.

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    This is not aviable in Nepal?

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    good but not very people buy this car due to high price……………………,

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