Honda born on 1972 and its serving us it’s best in quality cars for many years and because of its new and hi-tech engine that it flaunts till 2014, Honda is one of the leading liking motor company not only in Karachi Pakistan but almost in all over the world and in very low price. Honda has given us a big number of their excellent and powerful technology car and as we all know about the series format of Honda cars like City and Civic there’s and other version of the new Honda City 2014. In this version Honda has added new things including more comfort level and accessories for our pleasant ride about our needs and demands. Although this new Honda  City 2015 given a very tough competition till the day of its availability in market because its new sleek design and its powerful engine in low price and it is the main cause of the attraction of people towards itself. In the City, Honda design the door locks and side mirrors about the color of the body you choose and for you Honda has added new color in its new range like metallic silver, cherry red for females who are in fond of driving and want a girlish look for 2014 and upcoming 2015 in their car, metallic blue, pearl black, lustrous white and more color option for all type of people in very minute price uplifts.

HONDA CITY i-VTEC Price in PakistanRs.1,508,000/-

HONDA CITY Aspire i-VTEC Price in PakistanRs.1,638,000/-

HONDA CITY i-VTEC Prosmatec Price in PakistanRs.1,649,000/-

HONDA CITY Aspire i-VTEC Prosmatec Price in PakistanRs.1,658,000/-

HONDA CITY 2014 Review


Dynamic And Comfortable Drive

The automobile of massive engine of 120 PS at 6600 rpm 1497cc gives you a smooth and comfortable drive which is too impressive in all types of roads on Pakistan whether it is on or off road. Its new suspension system is the main cause of its balanced structure. There is something else which Honda has added for you are its new 2014 electronic fuel injection system Control system and the best thing is it SOHC (Single Over Head Camshaft) valve mechanism. Honda give best to you that are why Honda is giving you its best in class car in four different models according to their prices starting from 1.6 to 1.7 million according to the model you choose in manual transmission.


Comfortable Interiors

Honda added a number of facilities in the interior of City 2014 to give an exciting and comfortable ride on the roads of Karachi Pakistan. Air condition is to save you from extra ordinary hot climate of Pakistan, power steering, power windows and door locks is for your convenient drive. Cup holder, CD player FM radio with a great sound system in doors will make your tour an extra ordinary joyful. It has two transmissions first variant has manual transmission while other based on prosmatic transmission. City gives you extra luggage space at its rear and fold able backseats to make more luggage space for you for upcoming 2015. City 2014  has 5-6 sitting capacity with more leg space which is enough for family to go far then far in their City and the price is much appropriate in an affordable price.


honda city

Bottom Line

Though Honda City 2014 has came with a huge number of new qualities but there is still something that are not updated in this version like driver’s air bag, track sensor system and Anti-Lock braking system. It can restrict you to go in the wet or chill areas because of the unavailability of the rear mirror wiper is little uncomfortable for the driver. Except its entire unavailable feature Honda City is best for you and it is a great family car which suits your personality in 2015 and for 2015 as well.


• 1,300cc Displacement
• Rack & Pinion Steering System
• Fuel Consumption Warning
• Anti-Lock Braking System
• Pedestrian Energy Reduction
• Power Windows
• Power Door Locks
• Air Conditioning System
• Seat Capacity 5 Person
• 4 No of doors
• 42 Liters Fuel Tank Capacity
• Transmission Manual and Automatic
• Engine Type Soch, 16 valve 4-cylinder, i-VTEC

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    The new look and model is worth purchasing.

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    what is the price of new model city?

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    what a nice cut in the car

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    best car in most affordable price in pakistan

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    I wish allha give me

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    i buy this xar after 3months

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