Hyundai Santro Prime Gv

Hyundai is basically a Korean automobile company but not as famous as in Pakistan and other in the international market, because its range is not that big as others but from many years till 2015Hyundai is serving its best performance by giving us transporter van called Shehzore. Hyundai make family cars that’s why they decided to export their cars in Malaysia, India and in Pakistan just because the car is not loaded with full of new technologies and not that much features as compared to Suzuki Swift or Toyota Vitz but some dealers in different cities of Pakistan buy it because most of the people in Pakistan want a cheap and a soothing family vehicle and Hyundai Santro is the best choice for them. It has a 1000cc engine which gives a smooth and enough speed for your drive.

Hyundai Santro Prime Gv Price in Pakistan 959,000Discontinued/-

Hyundai Santro Prime Gv 2014 Review



Good Interiors

As Hyundai Santro 2015 has enough powerful for a desired family car, its interior are also fascinating. Air conditioned drive to protect you from the burning climate of Pakistan, power windows and 5 speed manual transmission, 4-5 sitting capacity and enough leg as well as cabin space, strong steering grip to get best controls on your car and if you want an excited and full of entertainment ride you can add CD player in it as it is not installed default. In the rear extra space is given to you in whom you can add CNG kit.Hyundai  Santro is helping you in all the way you want by giving the best mileage in low fuel consumption.

hundai santro

Impressive Exterior

In 2014 exterior and the outlook of any car matters a lot and Hyundai  Santro has its looks in its own. In such a low price the new metallic finish on its body is very attractive, its new shining head lamps and the front grill holding the nameplate of Hyundai with proud. It has new range of at least seven trim design and different body colors according to the choice and demand of you. Over all it looks nice and friendly family car.

hyundai santro

Bottom Line

Hyundai Santro 2014 is best car for you and your family it looks good when you are driving it and Santro is available in affordable price in Pakistan for all with lots of joy and accessories that will suit you.

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