Suzuki Alto

When it comes about a car in Pakistan then the thing that flashes in mind is the price and efficiency of car. Not only these two things but also a car should be spacious enough that it should take care of your family. Karachi is the place where the biggest market of automobile is ruling in 2014 from past many years. It is expected that in 2015 it will still be ruling the roads of Karachi because as all of us know that Karachi is highly dense domain of Pakistan and people of Karachi are totally middle class except some minorities. In 2015 I don’t know how much Suzuki will do drilling in it but still the models till 2014 of alto is highly ruling. It is a compact car that requires no expert sitting for it just go as smooth as you rule it. This is car with four doors and having one door for inlet of your luggage or whatever you want to fill into it. It is as spacious as it should be for the roads of Karachi Pakistan in 2014. This is basically a system of 5 manual transmission of car installed by Suzuki till 2014. Alto belongs truly to your family as it is family friendly car.


Suzuki Alto VXR Price in PakistanRs.737,000/-

Suzuki Alto VXR CNG Price in PakistanRs.821,000/-

SUZUKI ALTO 2014 Review


Do you have any idea when and how this compact car comes in origin? In 1979 Suzuki made its first show off and has been accepted till the age of 2014. The idea for bringing this car in the market was just to save the fuel and bring the money back to the pocket of average income gainer. Suzuki knows how to set the market and earn money that why by using little efforts of engineer alto came and in 2015 it is expected that it will flaunt something new in alto.

Do you know which model of Suzuki alto is rushing these days in Karachi Pakistan? In 2007 the seventh generation of alto enters. Do not ever think that this mini treat is only for Pakistani people, no this car when step up in 2007 it got distributed worldwide and has been used till 2014, though it was designed up till 2013.



Looks are very necessary to earn the confidence of some one. If I talk about myself I will obviously prefer the car having not very stylish but little decent looks. Suzuki alto has that feature in it that it has been opted by many sophisticated taste holders for so long till 2014. In 2015 it is expected that Suzuki will rule with some further embellishment. If you check the colors of alto till 2014 then you must be happy to find that the shades of alto are truly gentle. It has no glossy front grill; but the grills are totally of the same shade as your car has. The name of alto is pasted on the gills and it looks sophisticated. It has no any peculiar looks that holds the tag as I am for women or I am for man.



The car is not embellished with rich stuff but yes it has satisfying status in market due to its specs. The transmission system is totally manual, allowing the drivers to go up to certain limits in their driving. The engine of alto till 2014 is 970cc. this is four cylinder cars. Alto has no facility of power windows well it is not that much necessary. There is no facility of power steering. The lock system is efficient but the facility of central locking system is not available. The seats are good but there is no embellishment of leather on them. The CD player system is not very much improved or I must say there is no CD player system. The safety system is not very grown up in it as there is no facility of air bags in the car installed by Suzuki. Karachi is the domain of family oriented buyers so alto has been the choice since 1979 till 2014 as it has the seating capacity of 5 persons. The fuel tank is very much efficient and hold up to 55 liter.

  • Air Conditioner
  • Seating Capacity 5 Person
  • Power Windows
  • Power Steering
  • Transmission Manual
  • Anti Lock Braking System
  • Leather Seats
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 55kg

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    according to Suzuki Pakistan website no more Suzuki Alto model is being manufactured since 2011. Someone can confirm this news ?? and some other sites are saying otherwise. There is confusion about Alto model in Pakistan.

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