ECONOMIC VALUEAre you looking for a handsome package for your investment? So, here comes Suzuki bolan with all its new and bold looks, committing all what you desire and what you expect. Start your transport with all your ease, because Suzuki offers you more than you pay. No matter how limited your budget is Suzuki bolan will give you smooth ride on the rough and tough roads of Pakistan.
Suzuki bolan is an attested name of quality when it comes to reliability. SUZUKI not only know what transporters demand but also cope up with the wishes of them. Suzuki bolan is not only treat for transporters but also a deal of election for big families, so that you cannot drop any of your family members at your home and travel safely on your secure paths.

Suzuki Bolan Cargo Van Euro II Price in PakistanRs.666,000/-Suzuki Bolan VX EURO III Price in PakistanRs.695,000/-

SUZUKI BOLAN 2015 Review




Why choosing boring colors when Suzuki is offering you new range of Suzuki bolan. The four enchanting models of Suzuki bolan is here that are VX, VX CNG, VXR, and VXR CNG. With all new eye captive colors of it. For decency in your journey go for solid white color, or wanting some zest than go for pearl red and for velvety touch go for silky silver. The glossy Suzuki bolan will prove your style and wise selection all together in a justified manner. Not only for males, Suzuki bolan has become a medium of choice for ladies who are fond of driving. Suzuki bolan is your support to go.


When we talk about Suzuki, than comfort clicks in our mind, simultaneously. Suzuki bolan offers you comfort in a medium way it has wide capacity, 5-8 people seating consumption, with comfortable bondsman quality seats, so that you can stay for long in Suzuki bolan without feeling tired, maximum air passage but lacking of air condition, there is a space for installation of cassette or CD player, not installed by default, medium sized steering allowing the driver to drive peacefully, lacking the power steering, no ABS brakes but have command on your speed limits by its default brakes. Wide manually operated windows. No central locking but sliding doors and two manual doors for driver and passenger. It has small tubeless tyres. Have a back space for the adjustment of CNG kit. Not beautified but yet not compromised interiors of Suzuki bolan, rest in it comfortably and in an eye spark you will be at your destination, pleasantly. As Suzuki understands what you desire so it is sufficiently air conditioned and airy to protect you from toasting weather of Pakistan.


bolan interior


Suzuki not only looks up for interiors but also take care of exteriors. One cannot ignore once it glance a refined exterior of Suzuki bolan. As Suzuki offers you the polished silky silver, pearl red and solid white according to your demand. Suzuki bolan is festooned with back lamp, front grill and extended bumper. It has no moon / sun roof but has high roof for convenience of passengers. Not only delicate but also strong enough to be your partner in long term paths allowing you to go far without being conscious about your vehicle.




Yes we know that roads are broken, rough and hindering your speed, but not to bother about it because when it comes to power and mileage Suzuki bolan is your thing to pick. Though not huge but still promising and purely efficient it is when it comes to performance. All the transporters must be wishing for a muscular engine so Suzuki bolan is here with three cylinder engines, adding much more power to your vehicle, no matter how risky your roads are. Suzuki bolan has 4-speed manual transmission, and leaf spring suspension system, also having 4.1m turning sweep. Suzuki bolan will escort you to the place of your limit.

When going for long journey you need to keep food and stuff, but no need to worry about captivation of fuel. Suzuki bolan has a hulky tank of about 36L, which means no need to visit fuel stations. So you must admire that Suzuki bolan has top-notch fuel tank.


When it comes to money, wise approach is to go for Suzuki bolan as it has not only gained fame but also producing you according to your desire, Suzuki always serve you in friendly manner it is cheap, affordable and trust worthy partner of your pocket. Either for business or for peculiar use Suzuki bolan is your cup of tea.It is bit revised and more groomed than its previous versions, which add on to its price but still it is affixed to your investment as better option.


• 4 No Of Doors.
• Engine Type EFI Water Cooled OHC.
• Body Type Van.
• Transmission 4-Forward All Synchromesh, 1 reverse.
• 5 Persons Seating Capacity.
• 36 L Fuel Tank Capacity.
• Front and Rear Suspension.
• Extended bumper.
• Tubeless Tyres.
• Wheel Type Steel & Wheel Size 13-inch.
• Front & Rear Brakes Drum.
• Displacement 797 cc.

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