Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki mehran is the car that is very simple and easy to handle. It was offered by Suzuki just for minimal amount. The person of average earning can easily hold it. Up till 2014 middle class man is still having this car due to its low price especially in the city like Karachi that is totally filled with the traffic Suzuki mehran is your car. If you are dreaming about having a car then goes for mehran. Suzuki mehran is totally a class no matter how simple it is. Yes the Suzuki mehran is not much stylish but till the era of 2014 in Pakistan it has been the choice of family holder middle class man. It is a surety that in coming era of 2015 it will flaunt on road still. It is preference of Karachi people and people in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan due to very low price still investing their money on mehran. If you are living in congested area of Pakistan like Karachi then think that mehran is most suitable for you to own. The new times of 2015 are very conservative and having the need have that engine which keeps the environment clean and healthy. In 2012 the engine evolved with less atmosphere depletion. Well it is highly atmosphere friendly and having the courage to save the environment from all kind of contamination. The new 2013 model was also very efficient but still having the need for much more embellishment. The Pakistani people especially dwelling in Karachi are highly in need of the engine that consumes less and gives more. As the 2015 will be more expensive as there is no chance for the people of Karachi to earn more then what they already having.


Suzuki Mehran VX Price in PakistanRs.625,000/-

Suzuki Mehran VXR Price in PakistanRs.678,000/-

Suzuki Mehran 2014 Review

Fuel efficiency of Suzuki mehran

What do you mean by the fuel economy? When you used fuel it will consume more and more and may cost you much more than you expect. So the mehran of Suzuki is a car that keeps the common man running. It is fuel economic car up till 2014 and will be the cost effective partner for you. You will be amazed after knowing that it will run up to 11 to 15 kilometer with one liter of petrol. And if you fill your tank with up to 1kg of CNG it will run up to 15 to 18 kilometer.

Cost efficiency of Suzuki mehran

Mehran is highly used car consumed throughout the Pakistan and Karachi is the biggest country to invest the money. Well just relax and read the article as I am telling you the features of car are really working. The car is very economic which means price of mehran is very reasonable. The person of newly committed to job is highly in need of car that’s why price of Suzuki in Pakistan Karachi is very low that anyone can own it.


Fuel tank

The fuel tank capacity of the car is very much efficient that it offers you 30 liter fuel tank. This allows you to go for miles without having the need to stop at fuel station. Well you might have known that the huge fuel tank is very necessary for 2014 and the time of 2015 as it will keep you running and running without being hesitated about the fuel. Well you can still fix the CNG kit in your Suzuki mehran. In Karachi Pakistan the economy use of CNG is very common because of its low price. Just think when mehran gets fixed with CNG kit it will become the treat for you to rule.


Colors available for mehran Suzuki

Who says color of car does not matter as it is the first thing that clicks. The mehran of 2014 is compact and classic and if it comes in nice color then it will be the demand of nation. Especially the people of Karachi are highly in need of this car. Shades that impart Suzuki in mehran are highly stylish and capturing. Don’t expect that the shades are very peppy, not the shades are peppy but they are very sophisticated and impart class to your status.


Specifications of the car

The mehran is very suitable for the narrow edges of Karachi. In Pakistan the roads are wide enough but the traffic is so massive that it will kill your time like anything. The Suzuki mehran is very compact family car, having no air conditioned system. Engine is 796 cc displacements. It has 4 forward and one back ward transmission. It has rack and pinion steering system. It has new front grill and matching door trim and seat fabric. The two models of Suzuki mehran VX and mehran VXR is slightly different due to difference and bit up gradation of its specs. Suzuki mehran has rear door child locks. Mehran has matching bumpers well when it gets effected you will have to replace it don’t use screw driver on it.

  • OHC & EFi Engine
  • 4 Forward, 1 Reverse Transmission
  • Rack & Pinion Steering System
  • Air Conditioning (VXR)
  • Matching door trim & seat fabric
  • New Front Grille
  • Matching Bumpers
  • Blue Tinted Head Lights
  • New Hard top roof
  • Full Wheel Caps
  • Rear Door Child Locks
  • 5 Persons Seating Capacity
  • 30L Fuel Tank Capacity

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